Just an Inquisitive Soul

Likes to question people and things in general


10172720_10203515363541891_7848005335812765023_n A girl, who is interested in the workings of the human mind, the reasoning and intentions that results in actions which lead to situations. Inquisitive by nature, I always tend to dig deeper. The habit of questioning and asking, led me to chose Journalism as a profession. After studying and practicing Journalism I switched to Digital media. Now happily involved in the Digital marketing activities for one of the national TV networks.

My blog is my reflection, there is no order to this, no fix category or subject. Here you will find stories about my travels, anecdotes from my life and that of the other’s I observe, rants of a girl who wallows into feelings and emotions, reviews from this movie buff as well. Oh you should check out #100FilmyDays on Twitter, a challenge I and few of my friends took up of watching 100 movies in 100 days.

So all you need to know about me is, I’m content with my past, happy in my present and excited about the possibilities my future holds.

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