In the current situation, lot of things have changed and we have successfully adapted to the work from home situation while tackling the numerous house hold chores by ourselves. During this time, it’s also important to keep ourselves motivated and happy. Going through the hectic routine, is taxing, physically as well as mentally. And it’s not easy to always feel upbeat about it. That’s why I try to distract myself with movies and entertainment.

Tiki Taka Movie Review

A good comedy movie goes a long way to make us feel light and also gives our face muscles a good workout by laughing. We all know laughing has a lot of health benefits as well. So for a good workout, good entertainment and good motivator, I recently saw ZEE5’s Tiki Taka, a comedy joy ride and you all should get on-board.

Image courtesy: ZEE5

Movie Plot#TikiTaka is a sports comedy movie starring Saswata Chatterjee as PK, Parambrata Chattopadhyay as Raju, Emona Enabulu as Khelechi Agjubi, and Ritabhari Chakraborty as Bonnie. The movie plot is based on Khelechi’s journey. He’s an African national, who comes to India as part of drug deal where he is carrying a football filled with drugs and he has to deliver this drug consignment to P.K, who runs a drug cartel. However, in a comedy of errors Khelechi ends up with Raju who is a con man and P.K’s men pick up the wrong guy from the airport.

This comedy film is a fun watch with lot of drama thrown in. This comedy of error quickly becomes a fabricated drama when Raju spreads the rumour that Khelechi is a star footballer from Africa. Kolkata being obsessed with the sports, has a lot of  Indian football clubs and the owners of these clubs quickly gobbles the lie and start their pursuit of ‘signing’ Khelechi for their club. With his height and build, it was an easier lie to spread especially when Raju enlists the help of a trainee journalist, Bonnie. Why no one thought of cross checking the facts, is not the main part of the movie, this was all #Goalmaal. The crux of the movie is the friendship that builds between Raju and Khelechi. And the extent to which Raju goes to save his friend from the drug cartel kingpin, PK.

Image courtesy: ZEE5


Parambrata and Emona have given good performance and their friendship with various emotions come across strongly. Ritabhari has also portrayed her role quite nicely. Saswata Chatterjee has done a good job portraying the role of PK. He and his assistant Kanchan Mallick help bring out the funny moments alive quite naturally. Parambrata is also the director and producer of Tiki Taka which is written by Rohan Ghose and Shouvik Banerjee.


Tiki Taka also portrays the craziness that football fans have for the game. As a movie, it is a mix of comedy and drama, football and friendship. This ZEE5 original hindi comedy movie is a family entertainer and can be enjoyed with the whole family together. After all entertainment is a good way to uplift your mood.