One of the OTT giants, Netflix has always protected its library and one can only view what’s in store once they sign up. However, Netflix had re-looked at it and decided to release selected movies and first episodes of few series free of charge for the viewers without any need to sign up.

You can access this free library albeit very limited for free here, Currently the library includes titles such as Stranger Things, Murder Mystery, Élite, Boss Baby: Back in Business, Bird Box, When They See Us, Love Is Blind, The Two Popes, Our Planet, and Grace and Frankie.

The selected Netflix originals are available for free globally. There’re also FAQs to help users with their queries. Currently the page states that the free access is available only on browsers on computers. This can be a Windows PC or Mac. It’s also supporting the android devices. The other non-supported platforms include iOS, smart TV, Fire Stick and also incognito mode. Another point to note, is the usual ad-free experience is not included in the free page. A 30 seconds skippable ads run before every title promoting Netflix. How about that for advertising and targeting users in your sales funnel?

Speaking of sales strategy, Netflix had tried offering few of its originals for free earlier as well to tempt the users to create an account and sign up. This was carried out last September, where Netflix had offered Bard of Blood in India and Elite season 2 in parts of Latin America for free. But this time around, Netflix is trying the free access strategy on a global level by offering same originals for free. The same tactic was deployed by YouTube as well with its originals however the platform proceeded with an all ad-driven model.

Netflix is trying multiple things to lure the potential subscribers to the platform. This step seems more lucrative to me to yield results. In the past, Netflix had kept its library close to its heart and users needed to sign up to understand what’s available. This way the users can be hooked by the free access and will be more likely to convert to access all the titles. Especially when Netflix says that the titles will be changed periodically. So watch what’s available now, who knows what comes next.

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