I recently got married during the on-going lockdown, and the uniqueness of it, the craziness of it, deserves a book of its own! However, the craziness didn’t end there. We wanted to take a break and go somewhere to enjoy the start of our new life together. Also, being stuck at home for months due to lockdown added another motivation to just go someplace away, rest, rejuvenate and recharge ourselves before we get back to our individual hectic work life.

And thus, we planned for a mini-honeymoon at Taj’s property – The Gateway in Nasik. To help other travelers who are seeking a break from mundane and do the same, here’s what you need to do to travel during the time of a pandemic and precautions you must take.

Figure out the Destination

It seems easy but it’s not. This is not the time, where we can get up and say, ‘Let’s go to Goa!’ During a pandemic with each states having different laws protecting the citizens, it’s advisable to not go out of your state limits. Also, going to another state will mean at least 5-7 days of quarantining. Not exactly what you want from your travels. Pick a place in your state. For example, Maharashtra has a lot of places one can explore. There are hills and beaches and everything in between.

Book your Stay

We knew we wanted to be close to Mumbai and just few hours’ drive away. Hence, Nasik. Taj was the great choice for us since it offered lot of green space outside the hotel. We were able to roam around on the property or have a picnic at the Zen Garden. Booking our stay meant that we knew exactly where we were going and what to expect.

Call the Hotel for Details

It’s advisable that you call the hotel and clarify few things –

  • What are the precautionary measures taken by the hotel?
  • What all facilities are operational and available to the guests?
  • What are the requirements to check-in?
  • Do I need to submit any test report before I check-in?

Buy a Meals Inclusive Package

There’s very slim chance that you will go outside to explore or to eat during the time of lockdown. I would recommend booking a meal inclusive package so that you don’t have to worry about your meals and hygiene of different restaurants. Taj Gateway offers the 3 meals included package and they offered a wide variety of choices to choose from. Pick a property which rates well on the hygiene scale without compromising on guest’s experience.

Get an E-pass

It’s important that you get an e-pass for inter-district travel in your own state. For traveling in Maharashtra you can fill the e-pass form here, https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration_group. Please note, for e-pass you need to submit your car and driver details. If you don’t have a car, you need to book it in advance so you can submit the details for your e-pass in time. Meru cabs are offering cars for inter-district travel in Maharashtra. E-pass takes 2-3 days to be accepted/ rejected and processed.

Ensure Precautionary Measures

Wear your mask while traveling and when you’re at public areas. In the hotel, wear your mask and keep social distance whenever you are out of your room. Do sanitize your hands every time you enter your room and before every meal. Respect the staff and ensure you maintain social distance with everyone at the property and outside. If you have any symptoms or were in touch with anyone who’s showing symptoms, please stay at home till you get better and avoid stepping out of your home.

Happy and safe journey!