Godrej has initiated a home safety campaign and here’s why you need to be a part of it

I recently attended a panel discussion on Home Safety organised and conducted by Godrej Locks System at their office. What intrigued me and made me attend this session was the series of TVCs the brand released last month where the team had spoken to robbers serving time in jail to understand their motivation, psyche, and modus operandi. This was a good initiative especially when it gives consumers a perspective and helps us to take necessary steps to ensure safety of our home – the most valued material possession.

The panel consisted of Dr Kaminidevi Bhoir, Honorary Psychiatric Counsellor for Mumbai Police, Vivek Agrawal, veteran crime journalist and author, Shyam Motwani, EVP and Head of Business – Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems, Prakash N. Borgaonkar, Western Region Head of HelpAge India and a victim of theft.

The panel discussed the importance of keeping our homes safe and highlighted the key areas where we take our safety for granted and ways in which we can ensure the safety of our homes and loved ones. Since the TVCs gave us a glimpse of the psyche of a robber, we know that robbers now have become more prepared and can hurt/ kill people if anyone tried to stop them or even just saw them.

When we go to buy/ rent a house we check for everything from paint to flooring to bathroom fittings, but never once do we even inquire about the locks – how safe are they, how durable and protective. We buy a house worth lakhs and crores put equally expensive items in it but spend 1500 on a made-in-China lock to secure everything. This needs to change if we want to ensure our family’s safety.

To help drive the message home, the victim of theft sitting at the panel recounted his house robbery and how it was done during broad daylight. The robbers stalked the house and agreed that the best time to rob was during the day when no one was home. The father of the victim had installed iron rods on the door for ventilation. The robbers cut those and took away everything. Even the pipes from the bathroom were stolen. Robbers kept mattresses in the bathroom to silence the noise of the flowing water. This was the extent to which he lost everything he ever owned. The robbers are still at large.

Extra care needs to be taken when we have our grandparents or parents staying alone at home for long stretches of time. The elderlies in our country are neglected and ignored as a result they often talk to strangers. Their trusting nature makes them welcome others inside their homes for a quick chat or to offer tea and snacks. They are usually craving for conversation and friendships and become easy target for robbers while stalking a house for robbery.

And just knowing that we need to be more secure is not enough. We need to be prepared. Even today we prefer the outdated lever technology locks. The lever technology limits the number of unique keys that can be created. Chances are that your house key might work in one of your neighbours lock as well. Pin technology is the latest and it enables the creation of 3 trillion unique keys.

The technology which Godrej applies to its locks called 3KS – 3 Kurve system, maintain multiple levels of security elements which are precisely machined and extremely difficult to manipulate. The lock also contains hardened (super strong) elements which resist drilling attacks to highest levels making it extremely secure.

Another important point raised by the panel was to not use birth dates or your family members’ names as passwords on doors. It’s easier to crack. That’s the first guess of any robber. It’s wise to choose something that’s not related to you. Something random that only makes sense to you and is easy for you to remember.

With the advancement of technology, even robbers have evolved. Their modus operandi is now not limited to following you home and stalking your house. They now stalk you even online, use spy cams to record your passcodes, lift finger prints off your scanner to make a copy and lot of other things to ensure a smooth entry and exit. We all need to be alert and prepared and safe.

Godrej has initiated a home safety campaign where the brand is trying to create awareness about the safety of our homes. As part of this campaign, the brand released the TVCs and is now trying to mark 15th November as Home Safety Day. Maybe with this campaign, more and more people will become aware and take necessary steps to ensure the safety of their homes and loved ones.