It was on a rainy Friday evening that me and few other bloggers gathered at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel to experience an amazing FBAI Bar crawl. Organised by the Food Bloggers Association of India, this Bar crawl was intended to let the bloggers experience curated drinks at 3 happening spots in Kamala Mills. And on this particular night, we weren’t afraid of getting drunk because we were assured that there is a way to reduce those dreaded hangovers.

Morning Fresh, launched in 2016 in Bangalore uses silk-proteins to re-activate enzymes which breaks down alcohol in a person’s body faster so that the alcohol leaves your system sooner. As a result you get saved from a hangover and the resultant headaches, pissy mood, lethargy, I’m-to-lazy-to-do-anything mind-set and more. But before we could try it and see for ourselves, we needed to get drunk!

The first stop of FBAI’s bar crawl was Verbena. Located in Kamala Mills, near Smaash, Verbena – The BrewPub and SkyGarden looks elegant, elaborate and elite. As soon as I entered the place, I liked it. The ambience was nice and the place is quite artistically done. The SkyGarden is beautiful. Here we tried lot of different drinks with one key ingredient- Aperol. Aperol is an Italian apéritif made of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and cinchona among other ingredients. ABV 11%.

The mixologist at Verbena, Ramesh Khatri, made a special drink for me – Twisted Whiskey Sour. He took the classic whiskey sour for a spin and introduced Aperol in it with some more secret ingredients and the result was super tasty and potent. The other notable drink that I tried here was Aperol Spritz. Spritz is a wine-based cocktail commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy. The main alcohol used for this is Prosecco which is combined with Aperol, splash of soda water poured over ice. This was cool and refreshing. It reminded me of beaches and sun.

Verbena made special Veg platter and non-veg platter for us to line our stomachs while we try the innovative and tasty drinks. Since it was a crawl we had to move out and visit the next stop – Theory!

I’ve been to theory earlier to try an All Apple menu and I’ve liked the place and the chef then. This time we decided to know the mixologist better through the drinks. Here the key ingredient was Skyy Vodka. ABV 40%. We tried several drinks here such as Zesty Colada, Espresso Martini and Green Tea Margarita. The drink that I liked and enjoyed the most here was Zesty Colada. I’m definitely having this again. More about the drink here:

At theory the atmosphere was more formal with all of us sitting around the dinner table relishing our drinks while munching on some mushroom, chicken and sun dried tomato poppers.

The last stop of the evening was 1 Above. The ambience here was more casual and relax. Here the key ingredient was Patrón XO Cafe. ABV 35%. It is a dry, delicious liqueur that combines Patrón Silver Tequila and the pure, natural essence of fine coffee. And it tasted exactly like how it’s described – tasty with a strong coffee aftertaste and the tequila kicks in while it’s sliding down your throat. This was so good that we refused to mix it with anything and we did what anyone can do best with Tequila – shots! shots! shots! It was amazing. And if this doesn’t get you high then I don’t know what will?!

At this point we really needed the last shot of the evening – Morning Fresh because otherwise we would have had a disturbing hangover. I did eat some pizza at 1 Above before I had the shot of Morning Fresh. And trust me it works. I woke up the next morning with not even a slight headache. No sickness or headache or fatigue. I woke up fresh and hangover-free.

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It’s actually a pretty handy thing as it comes in a very cute small bottle and in 3 different flavours – mint, strawberry and cola. You can carry it with you to that friend’s birthday party where getting sloshed is a guaranteed thing or to your cousin’s/ sibling’s/ friend’s friend’s sangeet/ wedding/ reception/ cocktail party. It’s a pretty sound purchase to be hangover free. Do try it and share your opinion in the comment section below.