In this fast paced life, we don’t have time to whip out our culinary talents and convert our kitchens to masterchef standards. Millennials nowadays depend on the easiest, quickest and effortless methods to put something together, eat and get out. To make this easier and tastier for us, Veeba has launched a wide line of products specially focusing on dips, sandwich spreads and dressings. All these products are FSSAI approved and are vegetarian food items.

I tasted few of their products and here’s what I think of them.

Harissa dressing: Among all the Veeba products that I tried, this one I liked the best. I like my food spicy and Harissa dressing adds a great spicy taste. It has strong hints of chillies which is marvelously balanced by the spices and herbs used. As the name suggests, it’s indeed hot and zesty. Also, I find it multi-purpose as I used it as dressing, as a pizza base sauce and also as a dip with the classic plain potato chips. Yum.
It’s available in a 280 gms pack for Rs. 139

White pasta dressing: While I enjoy eating pasta more than cooking it, I’ve realised pasta involves work especially while making the base sauce you need to ensure that you stir the ingredients well to avoid the lumps and you need to be good with measurements if you don’t want any particular spice to overpower the taste. For this, Veeba’s white pasta dressing comes in very handy. It tastes divine. It’s quite peppery and has a good texture. Highly recommended.
It’s available in a 285 gms pack for Rs. 99

Mayonnaise: There are 2 varieties of mayonnaise at Veeba – Garlic and Eggless. I tried both, however, I liked the garlic mayo more. It tastes better and goes well with most of the fried items, chips, nachos, burgers, etc. It there anything which will not taste better with mayo?!
Both are available in a 275 – 280 gms pack for Rs. 84

Pizza topping: Veeba’s pizza topping is a culinary sauce with a classic taste. The consistency is thick which I easily used over the ready pizza base, topped it with chopped veggies, shredded chicken and a generous amount of cheese and the result was a yummy pizza. I love this sauce, it comes in very handy when you want to cook yourself a hot cheesy pizza while it rains outside.
It’s available in a 310 gms pack for just Rs. 89

Garlic chilli sauce: It’s a culinary sauce and can be used as a spread or a dip. Taste wise, it’s schezuan sauce and I really like it. As I told you earlier, I like spicy food and so I used this sauce with almost everything. I even used it with normal food to spice things up. And my favourite is having this sauce as a dip with chakli (Murukku).
It’s available in a 335 gms pack for Rs. 99 (unlike others this comes in a short glass jar)

Cheese and Jalapeno dip: What’s not to like in this classy combination? It’s a classy combo and Veeba does justice to it. It’s tasty, cheesy with a good consistency.
It’s available in a 300 gms pack for Rs. 109 (unlike others this comes in a short glass jar)

Cheese and chilli sandwich spread: A great combination of two best ingredients – cheese and chilli. It’s versatile and I used it as both the sandwich spread and a dip. It gives a good burst of taste. I especially liked it with plain nachos. The taste of cheese is more prominent but the finish gives you a strong hint of chilli. I also tried it as a sandwich spread and it works well.
It’s available in a 275 gms pack for just Rs. 89

Carrot and cucumber sandwich spread: I didn’t like it that much. To me it tasted bland and I don’t have a preference for these taste notes. But if you like this combination then go for it.
It’s available in a 280 gms pack for Rs. 89