I’m a bright yellow coloured umbrella,

With black and green pattern on me.

There are elephants and camels,

To surround and protect me.


I was part of the display,

At the Bombay Store.

But then a girl walked in,

And picked me up as her own.


She showed me most of Bombay,

But I yearn to see more.

And then I heard the good news,

She’s leaving this shore.


With excitement and expectancy,

I’m lying on the floor.

She’s busy packing things,

One after the other it goes.


I got saved by her mom,

As my companion has forgotten me.

After the reminder, here I go in the bag

Full of excitement and glee.


Gurgaon it is, a new city

But where art thou, rains?

It’s dark and gloomy in here,

I want to go out in the light and into the rains.


It’s been days in Gurgaon,

But there’s no rains,

Every day I hope my companion will take me,

But there’s no need for me and it pains


Oh oh, I hear the thunder,

I think my time has come.

I’ll be out of this darkness, into the light and rains

I finally feel happy and so I hum.


She’s getting ready so I wait patiently,

There’s a car outside the door.

And then she gets a call,

I feel my heart sink and I sing no more.


She walked away from me,

Turned to look at me but then was gone.

I felt an anguish engulf me,

But I didn’t moan.


I’m waiting for the rains; I know it won’t be long

Rains will always come, and it’ll be my gain.

I’ll be happy once more with my companion

Out in the light and into the rain…