Here I am, a Mumbaikar, in the heart of Gurgaon. Taking my foodie tradition forward, recently I visited Sector 29 and I must say it’s a pretty cool place. For starters, there are ample options to choose from for a nice night-out with friends, SO or family. The place has been developed in such a way that all the happening spots/ bars/ restaurants make a semi-circle enclosing a big parking space.


During my stay in Gurgaon, I have been to sector 29 couple of times and I enjoyed the place both the times. Downtown is a good spot to hang-out with your friends. Food and drink are good and pocket friendly. However, beware of sitting at the open area unless you don’t mind getting drenched by the water sprays. This is management’s idea to fight the sultry summer heat (winter hasn’t arrived yet).


Also, a must-visit is the area behind all these popular joints which is now boosting a mini race track. The race itself isn’t that great but there are lot of enthusiasts trying to show off their driving prowess. The star attraction for me, however, was the amazing food trailers/ trucks in the vicinity serving delicious food and drinks. Notable among them is the recently opened, What the Fork. It’s run by a family who seemed pretty excited and attentive.


I tried the Lugini Pasta and BBQ chicken and they both were delicious. The spices used in the BBQ chicken were divine and it tasted heavenly. Please note, I like my food spicy and that’s what I got there. They are a bunch of friendly people and are eager to serve you customized food. They have few chairs and tables around the food truck as well which was a pleasant surprise as the concept doesn’t allow that. So yay!


After food, do remember to relive your childhood and have ice-cream cone from one of the nearby ice-cream stalls.

The entire experience is pretty reasonable as my meal costed well under INR 500 for two. If you have been to this place do share your favourites in the comments below! Also, if you have suggestions for places to visit in Gurgaon do let me know.