Lot of my friends watched Stranger Things and couldn’t stop talking about it so I had to get on the band wagon and watch it. I finished it in one and a half days, so yes, it is addictive. Here I’m listing the questions that I have AFTER watching the Stranger Things so of course there will be SPOILERS!

First of all, let me put this out there because I think many of you must have had the similar thought – the series is written, directed and created by ‘The Duffer Brothers’ – the name is ironic!


Stranger Things is mind blowing and epic. I loved everything about it, the story, the set, the cast, the performances, the background score just about everything except the cliffhangers. You just can’t stop yourself from watching the next episode and next and next. And honestly Netflix doesn’t help either by just giving 12 seconds to decide if I want to watch the next episode or not.

The series based in the 1980s is a science fiction with a good dosage of supernatural and paranormal thrown in for good measure. With just 8 episodes of Season 1 you are left to wonder and wait for the next season (which hasn’t seen the green light yet!) After galloping my way through the 8 episodes I’m now left with the following questions and God knows when will these be answered!


So we all know that the alien/ creature/ demogorgon isn’t completely gone and dusted as Will Byers is spitting that gooey alien-y stuff and is having hallucinations/ easy transfers to upside down and back. But what about Eleven. Where is she? We all are hoping that she’s alive and we have the part about Chief Hopper leaving her favourite waffles in the wooden box in the middle of nowhere to console us and give us hope that he left those for Eleven and she is alive. Yes, it’s assuring but then we saw Eleven blew herself up with the demogorgon!

And why didn’t anyone tell her about her mom?! Maybe then she wouldn’t have blown herself up and tried to do something to demogorgon alone.

Who would go to snowball with Mike now?!

What happened to the gate in the laboratory?! And why doesn’t this gate closes like the rest of the gates found elsewhere in Hawkins?


Hopper saw something when he was in the upside down world which freakishly resembled eggs. So does that mean there are demogorgon babies growing up and waiting to smell the blood?

Where did the suits take Hopper to? And what did he agree to this time? Last time suits took him he gave away Eleven’s location.

Is Eleven responsible for the existence of the upside down? Is her power creating that much energy to create a portal into the upside down world?

And the most important question of all. If Eleven is number 11 then where are numbers 1-10. And how many more are there!?

When will we know the answers to these questions? Duffer brothers? Netflix? Hello, is anyone listening?!!!