Our generation is eager to experiment as much as possible. Be it career, travel, clothes, style or food. With so much demand to cater to, it’s interesting to see brands take initiatives to meet the needs of our ever changing and ever inventing generation. Using this insight, Burger King has started its limited edition additions to the menu.


The recent one to feature on Burger King’s menu is the Angriest Whopper. As the name suggests, it’s a whopper which is designed especially for Indians and their spicy taste pallet. This whopper is made using spicy red buns with chili flakes in it, spicy chicken patty, spicy fried onions and the usual accompaniments like lettuce, olives, tomato and sauces. The result is very tasty and very filling. The whopper is huge and it’s more than enough for one person!


Burger King has launched the Angriest whopper globally and it will be part of the menu for only a couple of months. So you have limited time to try it out. I attended the tasting event for the launch of Angriest whopper and couldn’t resist myself from also trying out their kheema fries which were divine.


Another good option available is the corn dust tandoori grilled chicken burger which unlike other burgers doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth. This burger also boost of a unique taste all because of the mint mayonnaise (made with the combination of mint chutney and mayonnaise) they use instead of the normal mayonnaise. The burger patty is tandoori grilled and was properly cooked. Honestly, I liked the corn dust burger more than the angriest whopper. It is a normal size burger, so fitted easily in my hand and was less of a mess to eat as compared to the whopper.


I washed down all the yumminess of Burger King with their mango milkshake which was cool, tasty and soothing. It proved to be a great accompaniment to the spicy angriest whopper. Also, if you are a chicken lover and love it more than the lamb then you can try out their chicken fries which comes with its very own smokey dip, made especially for us considering our spicy taste preferences.


I’m definitely going again for some more burgers and fries. What about you? If you have already tried the angriest whopper, do share your feedback with me in the comments section below.