Rating: ***1/2

Have you visited a place which stands out strikingly from its surrounding? I happened to visit one such place. Situated in the midst of the busy roads, pedestrian traffic and normal run of the mill restaurants, Grandmama’s café boosts of a unique décor and ambience that makes it stand out like an oasis in the middle of a dessert.


Situated right next to Pritam’s restaurant, Grandmama’s café has dominant white backdrop to its cheerful patterned varnished table tops, frames and walls. They use non-conventional trays, plates and containers to serve food. For example, they served us tomato ketchup in the rear sit of a tricycle toy. It looked rather cute and appealing.


We were just the two of us so couldn’t try a lot of dishes, though we certainly wanted to. After going through the menu we settled for, Harissa Chicken pizza with onions, stringy mozzarella in a cheese sauce; and one of the dishes from Bombay Grandmama’s specials section called Chicken Tariwala, chicken cooked in light gravy and infused with Punjabi spices and is served with rice and fryums.


Both pizza and tariwala, tasted good and the quantity was more than sufficient for the two of us. Apart from the food, we ordered, Belgian Chocolate shake and Chocoloate Banana Oreo shake, both tasted good but I found myself partial towards the Belgian chocolate shake which was simply divine. Even after stuffing our mouths with food and shakes, my friend with the biggest sweet tooth ordered a chocolate truffle pastry, which was sweet, tasty and too much for our stomachs. We had to parcel most of it and take it with us home.


The total damage came to around Rs. 1400 which was worth it. Though the place has lovely ambience and décor but it lacks in service which is slow and sluggish. You might even have to struggle to get the attention of the servers. But overall a good place especially because it offers a different menu amidst the routine and mundane Udipi offerings of the area. Grandmama deserves a visit for sure.


Food: 4/ 5   |  Service: 2.5/ 5  |  Ambience: 4/5   |  Value for Money: 4/ 5​