Rating: ****1/2

If you’re a Bombay-ite you probably know The Bagel Shop and love it already. The place recently completed a decade of existence.

Situated off Carter Road at the end of Pali Mala Road, The Bagel Shop has a unique atmosphere. The outdoor seating area with its iron barricades to keep away the outside world has a lovely feel which lets you unwind. Sitting there you can see the green leaflings entwining on the iron grill and accords you small gaps in between through which you can catch a glimpse of the passing cars. The seating area with its comfortable couches, chairs and low glass tables encourages conversations.

The host of the place, Anil Kambly, is warm and pleasant. His eyes seem like they are hiding mischief behind it but the pride to be a part of The Bagel Shop seeps through. You will always find him striking a conversation with the patrons. When I visited the place last Sunday, Anil ensured we got a nice table in the outside area. I personally prefer the outside seating area to the one inside.


You can’t go wrong with food here. Our objective to visit the place was to grab some nice brunch after a hectic Saturday night. We ordered for 3 eggs omelette with baked beans, cream cheese and a Bagel; and one of their specials for the day – Sunny side up sarpotel with pork and cream cheese. Both the food items tasted yum, especially the pork which was cooked nicely and tasted the best. Anil proclaimed it to be his favourite.

We have also ordered Brownie milkshake and ABC (Apple, Beetroot and Carrot) to go with our food. The Brownie milkshake was made nicely with adequate amount of brownie in it. ABC was very different in taste but my friend liked it; it’s definitely a healthy combination. We spent some nice time there as the ambience was just great. The total damage came to around Rs. 1200; it seemed a little pricey for just breakfast but it’s worth it. Go there if you are looking for a place with great ambience and tasty food.

Food: 4.5/ 5  |  Service: 4/ 5  |  Ambience: 4.5/ 5  |  Value for money: 4/ 5