Rating: *

When it comes to food, we all believe a lot more in word-of-mouth publicity because well who knows us better than our friends. But sometimes, unfortunately, you can’t even trust your dear ones when it comes to restaurants like Serendipity.

Last weekend I visited Serendipity, a small restaurant tucked away in the corner of Pali Hill, behind Pali Village café. Finding a place is a challenge but what came to pass after entering the place was worse. The place which is decked up nicely was lacking in so many things. To begin with, there wasn’t any other patrons apart from me and my friends. The place looked deserted on a Saturday night.


In terms of staff, there was only two guys – one server and one chef. After lot of waiting and calling out to the staff we managed to get their attention. The menu which is not at all extensive is difficult to read and understand. After getting the hang of the menu we were told that most of the items on the menu aren’t available. Bummer.

After spending 30 mins on the menu with the chef and the server, we managed to order some starters – Piri piri prawns and chilly cheese toast. The former was just a mix of some spices with few prawns thrown in it and the later was made using lot of cheese and chilly! How can anyone go wrong with Chilly Cheese toast? We were in two minds about ordering the mains but we took the risk as we were very hungry.

In mains, we ordered Penne Pasta with Paprika sauce and chicken, Aglio Olio spaghetti with prawns, Chicken Gnocchi with Paprika sauce and some tomato based Gnocchi which we just couldn’t make out what is it made of. All the mains were bad. It tasted like same base have been used in all which wasn’t even tasty. The quantity of the food was too less, not at all reasonable for the price we paid.


I had heard good reviews about this place but found it lacking in every aspect and more. And to top it all they gave us a hand written bill. The damage for all our troubles was more around 2.5k for 5 people. To sum it all up, it’s just not worth it. I’m definitely not visiting Serendipity again.

Food: 1/ 5  |  Ambience: 3/5  |  Service: 1/ 5  |  Value for money: 0/ 5