It’s been some time since I last reviewed a restaurant. But fear not, as I’m back with a new review, Fatty Bao.

To begin with, there has been a lot of hype around this place which opened its gate in Bandra in June, 2015. Hype which makes you want to go and see for yourself why everyone is talking about it. I had tried to visit this place once before when it had just opened, but it was crowded and we ended up going to some other place. But last month, when I had plans to visit Monkey Bar, I found myself going to Fatty Bao instead as the former was too crowded on a weekday!

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Entering this modern Asian food eatery & bar, you’ll realize that the ambience of the place is nice. The restaurant is divided into 2 sections – indoor and outdoor. We chose to sit in the outdoor area as the  weather in Bombay had overnight became cool and pleasant. As the night progressed there was a slight nip in the air but it was a pleasant addition to the ambience of the place.

Fatty Bao has interesting collection of cocktails, we opted to try Mickey Ninja which is vodka base drink with a dash of whiskey. It came in a wooden glass with slice of cucumber sticking on the inside wall of the glass with a slice of orange. The taste of Mickey Ninja was different but good. The ‘good’ may depend and change from people to people. Then there was ‘The Fatty Sour’ which is a blend of raspberries, whiskey, lime and sugar. It comes with an option of adding egg white in the cocktail which we preferred to opt out of.

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In starters we tried Crab meat and prawn dimsums and Crystal dumpling. Both were an average affair. Considering the name of the place, we also called for Spicy Fried Fish Baos. The Baos weren’t very tasty and also the fish had an off smell about it which sort of killed our appetite. In main course, we had ordered Grilled Seafood Ramen and Slow Cooked Lamb Massaman Curry but unfortunately our server mixed the orders and got us two Ramens. After we told him it was a wrong order he pleaded with us to accept what he had gotten us as returning the order will bring his job in jeopardy. Tell you what, yes, we are emotional suckers. We acceded to him. In any case, we didn’t even finish one Ramen between the 2 of us as it wasn’t great. Thankfully the Duck Pizza that we had called for was good.


The food honestly was average and apart from the ambience, there’s hardly anything to talk about. The saving grace for the place was Fatty Hill, mint crème brulee with chocolate cream, chocolate sorbet and rice krispies. It was nicely presented and tasted good. The total bill for the 4 of us was around 6k. Don’t think I’m visiting this place again unless I run out of options or availability.

Do share your experience of Fatty Bao in the comments below.

Food: 2.5/ 5  |  Ambience: 4/5  |  Service: 2.5/5  |  Value for money: 2/ 5

Overall: 2.5/ 5