The mind churns out scenario,
One better than the last.
I wonder what he will think of me if he knew what goes on in my head.
He’ll probably laugh it off, saying, “Mad you are!”

Regardless of his scorn I keep on dreaming.
Don’t all say that dreaming is the first step of planning?
Well I plan to entertain myself but you never know – this all might come true!

Wishful thinking I’m aware.
Don’t you shake your head at me like I’m another hopeful idiot.
No way. I’m anything but that.

People didn’t believe even Einstein in the start,
But now they all praise him and thank him for  all his dreaming and plans.
One day you shall see when the same will come to pass.

I won’t stand there to tell you, “I told you” as I would be busy receiving the adoration galore.
That day I’ll tell you where it all started. It was just me and my thoughts.
You see, it all started with a dream…

Dream on.