I follow Islam. I’m a Muslim. Does that make me a terrorist? Before you answer that remember words have power and those spoken unwisely can harm the innocence of millions of people. Islam doesn’t teach violence it actually preaches peace. Before blaming the millions of Muslim remember there has been bombings in Beirut and Syria too. Just because the mainstream media doesn’t cover it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

In your ignorance while you are ready to put lines like “Muslims are terrorists” or “Islam and people following Islam should be punished” remember that the people responsible for the Paris attacks might be Muslims but when you write those lines you are talking about all the Muslims. When the farmer sees that few fruits are spoilt, he throws them out. He knows the value of fruits. He doesn’t squash all of the crop because few were spoilt.


I condemn the terrorist act that happened in Paris as much as I condemn the act of terrorism that happened in Beirut and Syria. Innocent human lives are priceless and valuable to me. Anyone who kills innocents should be punished. But I request you to not blame the innocents for the act of few. Condemn the culprits and not the religion. It’s not about what religion they follow but what they act on. Their actions belong to them and not their religion. Not to my religion.

Let the peace prevail.

Earnest request by,
An Indian