There’s no age or limit to one’s partying ability. You can party at 4 or 40 or 80! The only requisite being freedom to enjoy, dance and have fun. Parties can range from being sober to crazy shit high and no I’m not talking about individuals getting sloshed at party. I’m referring to parties and the energy it exudes. Mind it, it’s known to be contagious.

Being at a place with your friends and dancing the night away gives a high that nothing else can. Of course the drinking acts as a catalyst and makes you get there sooner. And dancing is also a great stress buster. Just don’t get too carried away and take care of your knees or else like me you’ll end up with a swollen one.

An important component of party is music. You need to set the mood right and make sure that the songs you are playing attracts the larger crowd because in this country majority is required to get things going. We all like the Shakiras and Enriques of music and we do listen to those songs and dance to them in major pubs and clubs. But believe it or not (believe it!) we all are ghati at heart and we will dance openly (in some cases, crazily) to the ghatiest song possible.


Give us Bollywood over Hollywood and the party will rock. People will sing along loudly to the Bollywood songs. The older the better. We, the 80’s kids have been born listening to most of the ghati songs like sarkai lo khatiya jhada laga, tan tana tan tan tan tara and tu cheez badi hai mast mast. And we’ll dance to it step by step! It’s a prestigious thing for us to know our ghati songs and its dance steps.

Someone who understood this and decided to help us make our parties better gave us The website is a Pandora box of all the ghati songs that you can think of. Not just that, the website has divided the songs into different playlists for us. Depending on how much ghati we want to be, we can choose from ‘Im too cool for this’, ‘Ghatipan in control’ or go full ghati mode with ‘Ghatipan Heaven’.

So go to the website, select the playlist depending on the level of ghatipan you desire and unleash the ghati within you!

Happy dancing and partying. Cheers!