After slogging and working for an entire week, every young professional wants to unwind on the weekend. Everyone’s way of unwinding is different, while some like to chill at home and not do anything some like to go out meet friends and party. Well last Friday, I was the lucky one to get to do both and you know what’s best about it? It happened as a surprise.


Yes, AXN India surprised me by being the host for my party last Friday. The channel sent over pizzas, garlic breads with cheesy dips, coca-cola and amazing warm and gooey lava cake for me to eat with my friends and enjoy the #ScreamathonOnAXN. And it was a great way to spend the Friday night. Pizza after pizza we ate washing it down with big gulps of coca cola. And I was further surprised by AXN India, when they send me a gift hamper the next day. It’s a Halloweeny hamper in a red voodoo board-cum-box containing a tarot card set and black candles with a scary candle stand. I loved it!


What followed this amazing surprise was a Halloween party with my friends the next night. I, dressed as Black Swan went with my friends to Brewbot followed by The Little Door. Having a beer among the best dressed Halloween characters is a different experience, especially when everyone is trying to guess the character costumes of other people. And during Halloween people become chattier and one shouldn’t be surprised if random people come asking you to pose for a picture with them. It’s just a great way to meet some good people.

TLD is just amazing on Halloween. I can say that, because last Halloween also I was there. From the décor to the ambience to even the crowd that has gathered there, everything is amazing. Obviously getting a table is not an easy task at any good place on a weekend so you can completely forget about it on Halloween which happens to be on a saturday, but yeah, being friends with the owner of the place always help. 🙂


Apart from my impersonation of Black Swan, my group consisted of Predator, a fortune teller, Wednesday Adams, a cute burglar, a black cat, a cute cat, a vampire and a pumpkin. And all of us had a ball of a time. Especially after bringing the party home and converting it to a fantastic house party where we (in our costumes) danced to the cheesiest Bollywood songs till the wee hour of morning. More about the cheesiest Bollywood songs in the upcoming post.

Sunday was enjoyed with a dear one, chilling at home. A great weekend that was. I tell you!