Rating: *

This sunday afternoon instead of going to my recent favourite place, I decided to try a new place instead and found myself at The Yoga House. I should have known in the beginning only when I found a previous listing of it and only after reaching the address I realised the place has shifted to a new location, that this is not a idea.


After taking a detour I reached the place, it was around 2.30 and the guy sitting outside the place offered no help when asked about the parking and then later had views about the same. Entering the place you will come across precarious wooden stairs leading to the multiple floors of the bungalow that houses yoga house. Be careful while climbing, the descent is worse.

Upon reaching the sitting area we were led to this small balcony area where there were mattresses lined up to sit with throw pillows all around. It sounds comfortable but it wasn’t considering the direct sunlight entering the balcony. In Bombay, where weather plays an important role in deciding one’s mood this place welcomed it to spoil ours.

Coming to food, it was bad! We have ordered for Mediterranean salad which is supposed to contain tomatoes, cucumber, bulgur, purple onions, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, mixed salad greens, served with a creamy sunflower seeds dressing. But what came was closely resembling a salad that a kid makes at home using tomatoes, cucumber, onions, cheese and few green leaves thrown together. There was no creamy dressing whatsoever and the taste was just average.


We have also ordered for The traveller’s plate, led to believe that it will be 4 mini tartines mykonos, somerset and capri with a green salad. What came was a joke and no we weren’t laughing. It was 4 small breads where 1 was topped with cheese and a piece of cucumber and tomato, another was topped with cheese and diced tomatoes and 2 pieces were topped with raita 😐 Seriously it looked and tasted just like raita. This is what I as a kid normally made at home when my mom used to be away. The only palatable thing we had there was the signature smoothie which was good. Apart from that everything looked pretentious and made to con people out of their money.

As if all this was not enough, hygiene seemed to be an issue here. The guy who served us water, had his hands dripping water right into the glasses. Needless to say we never drank it. I wish I could say one good thing about this place but I just can’t. To me the place looked pretentious and nothing more.

Food: 1/ 5  |  Ambience: 2/ 5  |  Service: 1/ 5  |  Value for money: -1/ 5