Rating: ****


“You can never be wrong to do the right thing”.

This is my biggest takeaway from the movie, ‘The Intern’. The movie is simply great and a must watch for all. Trying my best not to give any spoilers, I must say the movie seems very real and relatable and will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Directed by Nancy Meyers, and boasting of 2 great actors, Robert DeNiro (sigh) and Anne Hathaway, the movie sure is a power house when it comes to great performance. But I can assure you that even if you’re a guy you will focus more on Robert DeNiro. He simply is great as Ben Whittaker, the Intern. Anne Hathaway is powerful in her role while keeping her doubtful, insecure reality to herself. She portrayed the character of a young successful female CEO of an ever-growing start up rather impressively.

The concept of the movie in itself is inspiring. Hiring senior citizens as intern not only gives a start-up years of wisdom with them but the intern gets to live and experience a different kind of life. It’s definitely not all rosy and the movie has its share of turns but nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary but the way characters are built up and the evolution of their personality is worth noticing. It might give you some important lessons of life. There are also various issues raised through the movie, like generation gap, modern relationships, feminism, and societal bias towards working women. But all are dealt with in an adult manner. Neither cheap jokes were made nor does the movie stoop to any stereotypical sit-com jabs.

the intern 2

Overall the movie has been made and packaged in quite a humorous and light hearted way. Rene Russo as the in-house masseuse is a pleasant surprise. The normal day-to-day life of few people has been projected on screen with so much relatability that you’ll start comparing people in your life with the characters in the movie. The movie showcases the flaws of the modern world while charmingly emphasizing the little important things we tend to miss because of our busy schedules.

The end was a little too easy but then it’s at the end of the day, a movie. But it’s not disappointing and not at all worth missing. If you have a flexible weekend plan then definitely go for this one. You will come out of it wanting to see a little more of Ben Whittaker and his calm attitude and charming smile.

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P.S. Men should always carry a handkerchief with them 🙂