Rating: ****


I really like this place. Situated on my favourite road in Bandra, Moshe’s has the location going very well for it. The place is on the first floor with wooden stair case leading to it. The area outside isn’t impressive but as soon as you enter the place it feels homely, warm and welcoming. At least that’s how I found it in the evening during one of the weekdays.


After a quick shopping with my friend we both decided to check out Moshe’s about which my friend have heard of but mainly in the context of their baked goods and desserts. Before entering the place I wasn’t very keen as, by now you have to know this, I don’t have a sweet tooth. But after settling down and going through the menu I soon realized I’m going to like this place.

There were hardly any other guests present. The staff was very attentive and cordial. Since we weren’t very hungry we ordered for our drinks. I settled for Strawberry pineapple Caiprioska while my friend ordered for Long Island Iced tea. Needless to say that both tasted nice. I think it should not just be difficult for restaurants to get LIT wrong but it should be punishable to get this drink wrong. Fortunately Moshe’s isn’t guilty of this crime. Caiprioska was very well made as well. The flavor of strawberry was lightly present and it blended nicely with the other ingredients of the drink.


Since we weren’t hungry, we had ordered for Home style Hummus. Nutmeg spiced spinach and broccoli, cream cheese and sun dried tomato, beetroot and chilli it was served with homemade fresh pitas and char-magaz lavash. The hummus wasn’t just good in all its varied forms but also quite filling. We didn’t have any more space in our stomach to try something else from their menu. But I’m definitely visiting this place again to change that.

The total damage was around 1.5k but we got 20% off on alcohol which was a pleasant surprise. It was a good day to have a drink with my friend while we update each other about the ongoing of our lives. Needless to say we talked for hours and the ambience was perfect with soft music in the background which is in no way restrictive to conversations.

Food: 4/5  |  Ambience: 4/5  |  Service: 4.5/ 5  |  Value for money: 4/5