Rating: ****


The area near Hiranandani Gardens, Powai is dotted with many restaurants and café. Choosing a restaurant to eat on a monsoon-y afternoon here is a task. Nevertheless, on one such afternoon, we settled for Chilli’s. Hoping that the place with international origins and which is known for serving classic Tex-Mex and American cuisine will serve good authentic food in its trademark southwestern style setting. And the place didn’t disappoint us.


We didn’t have time to nibble our way through starters so we directly ordered for main course. I have settled for their new addition to the menu, Cajun Chicken Pasta. Penne pasta smothered in alfredo sauce with shredded parmesan, diced tomatoes and chopped green onions is a classic but what it had more was the hint of Cajun spice topped with Cajun grilled chicken, grilled perfectly. It tasted yum.

My friend has ordered for, chipotle chicken burrito. He was happy with his choice as it was not just tasty but also tasted like a burrito you would expect to eat in Mexico. The soft flour tortilla was stuffed with chipotle chicken, rice, beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, mixed cheese and chipotle cream sauce. It was served with salsa, rice and beans.

This is the place where I have drank my first ever mango iced tea and have to say it was good. They also have black berry iced tea and it’s on my must-have list for the next visit. As far as the ambience is concerned, the décor is charming and practical, not really southwestern but the feel is there. Also it’s quite spacious and nicely done up. The staff is attentive while managing to leave you alone to enjoy your food in peace. For our lunch of two, the damage was a little more than 1k.

Food: 4/5  |  Service: 4/5  |  Ambience: 4/5  |  Value for money: 4/5