The various memes and jokes doing the rounds of social media is nothing. The inches of space the case is taking in various national dailies is just a mole on the mountain. The media mileage given to this year’s most controversial case has just begun to pick up pace and this will go on for a long time. After Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case had settled down and the star and his PR machinery’s various ongoing efforts to keep the news out of sight and thus out of mind of people had been successful, our media definitely had to find something equally or more controversial to fill the gap. And thus, here present to you the murder mystery of Sheena Bora.


Whether Indrani Mukherjea had killed her alleged daughter in 2012 or not is a question most think they know the answer to already and are waiting to win the arguments with their peers and that’s not even the focal point of this case. The main star of this controversy is not the murder itself but the influence, impact and effect of power and money on our judicial system and media. The case will bring forth lot of loop holes in our judiciary while also emphasizing the importance of money and muscle power in influencing the minds of the people by seeding news and articles. And while a TV honcho and his family is embroiled in this murder case, other money makers would find every available opportunity to mint money using this controversy.

The new blockbuster movie has already entered the scripting stage. Next steps will be to finalize the star cast and buy the copyrights. Even if Indrani is found guilty of the murder charges and gets convicted for murder and punished under section 302 of Indian penal code she will still be approached by multiple producers to buy the rights to her story and authors/ publishers to publish her autobiography. You can start thinking of the book/ movie’s title now only. It’s inevitable.

Entertainment industry, not being one to remain behind, has already decided to leverage the case. Currently a Tamil film is being made on the murder case of Sheena Bora and Bollywood is not going to lag behind. Now the real competition it seems is between the likes of Chetan Bhagat and Mahesh Bhatt, as to who will be claiming literary/ film-making glory with this controversial case.

The murder case that is slowly and ruthlessly unfurling the deep dark secrets of a family is not going to be solved soon. It’s the powerful amalgamation of money, power, beauty, mind, and conscienceless intelligence. If a body can be buried and disposed of for more than 3 years without anyone getting a hint of a family member missing, imagine the number of years it will take for this case to find a closure. Time will tell. Till then, let’s sit back and witness the media circus that’s pitching in their tents and tentacles in the Sheena Bora’s murder case.