fb quiz 3How blindly do you click on links in your Facebook timeline? Are you the quiz freak who has to take all the quizzes your friends had taken? Be it ‘Which Harry Potter character are you? Or ‘What does your zodiac says about you’. Or are you the person who has to look deep within and find the meaning of your life through different quizzes on Facebook? You’ll skim through your page stopping only at interesting quiz results of your friends where they have been named as ‘The most emotional or the adventurous one’.

Quizzes on internet claims to tell you more about you by asking you few seemingly easy (ridiculous) questions. And we (yes, including me) click on it. Reasons could vary but these quizzes do resonate with something in us that makes us click the link. This something could easily be termed as ‘our confusion’. No one knows us better than we do but we all look for an outside validation to prove something to us about ourselves that we already know very well.

How stupid!

fb quiz

One such amazingly stupid thing that I noticed today is an app telling users that it will tell them their names origin and its meaning. And the ludicrous thing is that it’s so apparent that its hog wash because the creator had spent no amount of effort in coming up with at least multiple results even if its just to have some variety.

Most of my Facebook friends who have undertaken this test have such different names but their names origin is the same! Bah! Even I took the same test with my name and it’s the same freaking thing that they all have got.

fb quiz 1

Though the ‘Find out your names origin and its meaning’ test looks harmless and a good excuse of total waste of time when you’re bored, it may not necessarily be harmless. These tests and webpages can lead to malware attacks, might ask for user’s personal information like their passwords or ask permission to access your Facebook or other accounts which could be attacked by spammers or hijacked.

Internet is a big black hole and the amount of information that travels in it is trapped in binary codes. We, the mango people, won’t understand that shit. But some people with malicious intent can misuse our ignorance. So it’s best to be safe than sorry. Avoid clicking on such links. Click bait headlines looks very tempting but resist. Use your intelligence and use internet intelligently. If you want to find out the origin of your name use Google. If you want to know about your personality ask your friends and family! They know you better than a stupid test on a website. Be cautious while surfing the web and click on links that you trust.

Happy web surfing!