masaanRating: ****


Masaan depicts two parallel stories set in the modern day Baneras. These two stories depict the lives of four individuals – a girl who tried to experience a sexual encounter but which ended in a tragedy, a father who is in debt because of his daughter’s actions and is getting pushed to desperate measures resulting in his dwindling morality, a lower caste young guy who falls hopelessly in love with a higher caste girl, a small boy who wants to feel loved by a family he never had.

Write from the opening sequence of the movie the film takes you through realities of life in not so subtle ways. Both stories running parallel in the movie shows hard reality of the fickleness of life in a direct hitting way. These seemingly parallel story arcs of the movie do intersect to give the audiences what they always craved from cinema while escaping reality – hope.


The star cast of the movie is nothing to brag about as far as names are concerned but the performance exhibited by them is simply great. Vicky Kaushal did a great job of being the youngest son of the family and the guy in love with an equally innocent girl played by Shweta Tripathi. The sequences of the movie where love was just blooming between these two is artfully executed and the emotions projected by Vicky looks real and worth mentioning.

Richa Chaddha played a girl who harboured lot of curiousity – ‘jigyasa’ which led to her father paying a hefty price for it. In her role she stuck to this aggressive annoyed look and the actor of very few words. In his role of the harrowed father, Sanjai Mishra did a great job of showing what a desperate man is capable of.


Directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, the movie takes you through the journey of life amidst death. Apart from the movie’s direct message of how an end of life can affect so many around it, it also has nuances in the movie which let viewers experience the beauty and frivolity of life. How a simple floating flower in the Ganga can bring someone out of the depth of his miseries and make him accept that life has to go on. It plays on people and their perception. How it was so important for a girl to get closure of a chapter of her life even if that means facing the family of the boy who killed himself in front of her.

The music in the film is apt and goes well with the story telling. The three songs done by Indian Ocean – ‘Tu kisi rail si’, Mann Kasturi’ and ‘Bhor’ is well placed in the movie and brings out the emotions in the surrounding sequences. The film deserved winning the acclaimed FIPRESCI, Promising Future awards at the 68th Cannes International film where it has been said that the movie received a standing ovation. It had also collected the Sundance Global Filmmaker award.

The movie plays on your mind even after you have left the theatre and maybe makes you appreciate life a little more but makes you realise that masaan isn’t just for the death but that’s the place which is visited by all.