Rating: 3.5/ 5


Marine drive on a Saturday night during monsoon season is the best place to be! Knowing this, how could I miss it when I had the chance?

The initial plan was to go to Marine drive for a walk and then head to Pizza by the Bay for dinner. But the weekend rush saw a queue outside that place and so we turned towards Salt Water café. Though a second choice but one that I really liked. The place has good ambience and is spacious compared to its bandra counterpart and is better in many more ways.


Coming to food, we were so hungry that we skipped any and all the starters and jumped directly to the main course. I ordered for Grilled Peppercorn Chicken which ideally comes with Grape Jus (a sauce made with a base of grape puree) and the side of mash potato/ fries. I like my food spicy so I had asked to change the sauce to which our courteous server gave me 2 choices out of which I went for the one with a pepper base and for sides I chose fries. Good choice indeed! The chicken was grilled perfectly (char-grilled) and cooked just about right. I like the sauce and the accompanying salad. And we all know that you can never go wrong with fries.


My friend has ordered for Seared Basa with Hay Smoked Potatoes and Citrus Butter. The base was nice but Basa could have been better. To us it tasted tad-bit saltier. We also tried their Nut and Date Smoothie which was very ok. I would suggest pick anything else from the smoothies section but that. It tasted like you are drinking grounded husk!

We didn’t order for desserts as we were too full to eat anything else. And as you must be knowing by now, I’m not a dessert person. The total damage was around 1600. The place is really good and I had a good time there but then it also depends on the company 😉

Food: 3.5/ 5  |  Ambience: 4/ 5  |  Service: 4/ 5  |  Value for money: 3.5/ 5