Rating: 4/ 5


If you’re a mumbaikar you definitely know this place and probably would have visited at least once. Same goes for non-mumbaikars who have visited the city or have stayed here for any period of time. Candies at Pali Hill is known for its relax ambience and the huge space it offers to youngsters to sit, eat and while away their time.


This café cum restaurant is sprawled across a 3-tier establishment and every corner has been utilized with chairs and table thrown at every possible spot to make space for the number of people who visit here. Ambience wise I love this place, it’s chilled out and you can spend as much time as you want here and no one will ask you to leave, unless they have to close for the night. Culture wise, it’s a mix of everything and everyone, you can visit here in whatever you’re wearing and you will never feel out of place not even in an Anarkali!


Food wise, it has a plethora of choice on the menu, but in real you will get only what you can see in the display. Fair warning, most of the good food items are over before evening. The kitchen shuts down at 6 and they have a 20% discount if you order post 8pm (Not that you have much option left by then).

I have eaten here millions of times (exaggeration- but you know what I mean) and for the purpose of this review I’m going to list down my favourites as well as few things that you need to stay away from. Must-try here includes, Chicken Tikka croissant, its tasty and filling; Mini non-veg samosas, it’s one of the few spots in Mumbai where you find this mutton-y treat; fish-n-chips, it sometimes can taste very average depending on who has cooked it I guess, but mostly it’s a tasty affair; they have good mushroom and spinach quiche, being a non-vegetarian this is coming from a vegetarian friend. Their other meal options are also good.


They have a great salad counter too, both veg and non-veg which gives you lot of choices to make your own salad and is very filling. In deserts, you can’t go wrong with their baked offerings. They have good cupcakes, pastries and tarts. So far as I can remember I have always ordered for one or the other milkshake, personally Chocolate milkshake is my favourite. Though most of the times, my first choice of milkshake is unavailable. Sometime, I get lucky if I visit early during the day.


Coming to the things you need to avoid, Chicken roti roll, it’s dry and not tasty. Veg Punjabi samosa, it’s a total fail even for a vegetarian! Also, they re-heat most of the things and that messes with the taste but overall the food is good here. It’s extremely good for your pocket and the cost for two is mostly below Rs. 500. The place definitely deserves one visit. So go for it and tell me your favourites in the comments below.

Food: 3.5/ 5  |  Ambience: 4/ 5  |  Service: 3/ 5  |  Value for money: 4.5 / 5