Rating: ***1/2

I’ll just come straight to the point, if you like dancing and clubbing, then this is the place for you. You will like it.

I visited Kitty Su recently, with a group of 10-12 friends. If you have been following my blog you will know this, we all had gone to Janata Bar and after leaving that around 1 in the morning we came to Kitty Su. The place has an entry fee but we were lucky to get entries for free (friend’s friend works there, yay!).

kitty su1

The place was buzzing at that hour. The number of people waiting in queue with us to get in were one too many. It seemed like all the cars coming in Lalit was for Kitty Su. Since we had gone with an inside-man we got in pretty quickly. Before you enter the main area there’s a reception kinda area where the person manning the desk tells you to get pre-paid cards that you can use to pay for your drinks inside because other cards aren’t allowed. Don’t believe him. Some of us put money in those cards to ensure that we drink inside. But then inside we were told that we can pay by our own credit/ debit cards as well. And the major drawback of those cards are, you can use it only in Kitty Su and so your card is bound to have some money left in it which essentially is wasted.

kitty su

The drinks actually are not that great and like most of the nightclubs seems pretty diluted. The LIIT we have ordered tasted like a mocktail. It was difficult to find trace of any alcohol in it, beside the fact that it should have 5 of them in it. Same was the case with other drinks as well. The bartender is nice and welcoming but super busy. So be prepared to wait for a lot of time to get your drinks.

The place inside is nicely done and spacious. You have a nice dance floor with a bar lining the front wall. Beyond the bar there are restrooms. On the extreme side of the dance floor you have few set of tables. Rest of the place is completely open to be used to dance on. The music was great and so were the lightings. Never too harsh or the kinds that induces headache and was well synchronized with the music.

kitty su 2

We all danced till 4/5 in the morning and I still wanted to dance some more. Of course, I needed a foot massage the next day. Dancing in 4 inches heel does that to you. But who’s complaining?! If I’m asked to do it again, I will! So all the party lovers out there this is one place you should try out at least once. Price wise, it’s on the high-end side but then you can’t expect anything else out of a nightclub situated within The Lalit, can you?

Drinks: 2/ 5  |  Bartender: 2/ 5  |  Ambience: 4/ 5  |  Value for money: 3/ 5