When I was a little kid, I had problem in reaching everything because my parents (as everyone’s) used to keep everything beyond my reach. Which made perfect sense as they didn’t want me to hurt myself while handling things that can be potentially dangerous to a toddler. But being human and crazy (even as a kid) I wanted to reach all those things that were kept away from me. And at times like this I never had to cry or throw tantrums to get what I wanted. Someone was there to help me get those things. My partner in crime and sister by blood. She was always there for me when I needed her. As is now.


Hello, I’m not going through some crisis where I’m missing my sister and hoping she listens to me. I’m writing this because today is her birthday and all I wanna do is thank her. For some reason I have never said this to her at least not with a solid proof as this blog. This will stay here for her to visit again and again and read this. She knows so much about me that if she were to make a clone of me and feed her the data she knows about me, no one would know the difference.

She has been with me when I have had my first major fall as a kid. The one where you need to be hospitalised and all. Yeah, I was that daring and crazy. Nothing changed in that regards. She was with me when I was expecting my 10th standard results. In fact, it was she who saw it first and told me. Thankfully, it was a good result. Phew. She was the one who had gone to different colleges to do the admission formalities for me. She has done so much and never asked for anything in return. Somewhere it just became her routine to take care of me. As much as I love her, which is a lot!, I wouldn’t be surprised if she loves me more.


There is something so great and comforting about having an elder sister. She has lived her life, had gone through things before I had to. Later when I’m going through the same stages of my life, she ensures that I have a better experience as she has already learned and knows the loopholes. It’s like having someone go through a laser maze, get bruised in the process but then when your turn comes you can see the path they have created and you come out of the same maze unscathed.


I’m so grateful to have her in my life. She is my guardian angel, and being me, I definitely need her.  Of course, we have had our share of fights. I never claimed us to be saints. But those are the ones that mostly brought us back together and stronger. We still fight over silly little things, crazy reasons and sometimes just because one of us is cranky. But we come back. Together. And that for me is the most amazing thing.

So today on your birthday, Falak, I take this self-created opportunity to thank you! I’m going to say this once, you’re an amazingly wonderful delight of a sister I have got. And I’m grateful that you were born before me. Happy Birthday. May you get everything that your heart desires and deserve! Happiness, prosperity, a little more of my craziness. Love you. Today and always.