hoppi4Last night I visited Hoppipola located on SV Road, Khar, Mumbai. I have been here before on a crowded night when it has recently opened months ago. But I’m going to review it basis my experience yesterday. To begin with, the place looks nice and the décor is interesting. Be assure to spot some girls clicking pics against the various bird houses installed on a wall. The place is upbeat and you can feel the energy as soon as you enter through the sliding door.

For a weekday night the place was relatively full. We got a nice corner tall table. After perching ourselves atop it we ordered for our drinks. Unfortunately my first selection of ‘Sex on the Roof’ wasn’t available. We agreed to order a draught beer pitcher. In starters, we went for Wassa Tokyo (Wasabi marinated prawn served with wasabi mayonnaise) which was a tasty affair. There were 6 tiny pieces of prawns  in a pan smeared with wasabi mayonnaise.


In the mains, I have ordered for Blisterin’ Bunicles (Home-made spiced chicken patty in a bun served with fries). It came with a side of fries and coleslaw and was appealing. Though I felt the patty could have tasted better. After asking for suggestions from our server, my friend settled for All for One, pasta tossed with a creamy sauce flavoured with 4 cheeses. He just wasn’t interested in making choices I guess, because among the add-ons he then added veggies, chicken and bacon (ALL of it) to the pasta. Thankfully the pasta tasted good and he finished all of it. I, as usual, had to leave a portion of the burger.


Hoppipola could certainly think of adding some more food on the menu. The options are limited and some aren’t even available when asked for. Nonetheless, the place is pretty good on your pocket. The total damage for our meal came to about 1700, and it was worth it. I’m definitely going again and next time I’ll try to spend more time there trying my hand at their various board games available to play and while away time.

Food: 3/ 5  |  Ambience: 4/ 5  |  Service: 3.5/ 5  |  Value for money: 4/ 5  |  Overall: 3.5/ 5