Singing. It’s something that we are exposed to since birth. Be it lullabies, mother crooning a baby to sleep, kids reciting poem in school and then it’s all music and we become wise enough to pick, choose and follow our kind of music. Heck, in school we even used to greet teachers ‘Good morning’ in a sing-song way. But as adults we realised the difference between singers and bathroom singers. I at least think I could pass for an average singer.

And this thought was put to test last Monday at Soul Fry’s Karaoke night. Very surprised to realize that the karaoke night was happening on Monday but the shocking part was to want to be a part of it. Time to interject the backstory. I and my best friend, for a long time have been wanted to sing at a Karaoke. But we mostly chicken out at the last moment. So the last time we were at Irish House’s Karaoke night, we had decided that wherever next the Karaoke night happens no matter what we need to sing there.


As destiny will have it, the next karaoke night we witnessed was less than a month later at Soul Fry. We listened to quite a few people before we decided to give it a go. The main reason that pushed us was witnessing this one guy ruin Cold Play’s Fix You for us. I can’t express the degree to which he was off tune but points to him for singing till the end of the song.

When we alerted the person in-charge that we will be singing too, he got us the song list. The first backfire happened when we realized the song list doesn’t feature our song, Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree. We dropped the idea of singing then. But a deal is a deal, we have decided no matter what we will sing in the next Karaoke and here it was! Switching to the next favourite song of ours we checked for Michael Buble’s version of Sway. Time for the next backfire. It wasn’t there. But the same song sang by Dean Martin was listed, so yeah, we got lucky.

Walking to the centre, holding the mikes wasn’t really that tough. I was excited. When marinba rhythms start to play, I mean when the song started we just sang along and honestly, it wasn’t fabulous. We didn’t transform into a nightingale but it was fun to stand there and sing. Even if it was a little off tune. Maybe more. But who cares, we had such a nice time and we are definitely going to sing again. And if you have been wondering about the same then just don’t think and go for it.