Just like that our beloved, easy to cook, snack has come under the vicious scanner of FDA. While you spent half of your life (or whole of it, if you were born in late 80s like me) eating Maggi did the thought ever cross your mind that you’re consuming something which is unhealthy for you? Of course! We all had that thought and for a time we even mulled over it. Remember the ‘wax’ controversy. I can’t remember the number of times someone told me that Maggi is coated in wax and that’s how they preserve it. I even agreed to it looking at the possibility, logic and some internet research. But I agreed with them mostly because it was much easier to just accept the truth and don’t let it affect you while you go on consuming Maggi.

The 3am maggi cooked by my friend in office
The 3am maggi cooked by my friend in office

Why you ask? Because it’s exactly how they say in their numerous ads. Easy to cook and tasty to eat! You tell me what else I can cook in 2 minutes which tastes as good as Maggi and also is super easy to prepare. Ok, I can cook to survive but I don’t particularly enjoy it especially when I’m tired or it’s late in the night or early in the morning or middle of the night! You get it, right. Admit it Maggi has helped us all at times when we had no other options.

But now according to FDA and their report based on few samples collected in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Maggi has high level of Lead than its permissible limit. And going by the same report, instead of 0.01 – 2.25 ppm (parts per million) of lead as is allowed, Maggi contains 17 ppm. That’s a lot. The upcoming ban on Maggi is a strong possibility considering how much our government loves banning things we like. So the next ban hashtag to trend can quite possibly be #MaggiBan.

I don’t know how the brand is going to tackle this. So far it has done poor job of it online by following a MRA (Mass response activation) protocol but hopefully they’ll learn and come up with an explanation through a medium that reaches mass audience (brands mentality dictates that will be TV and print. Sigh.) I hope it further passes all the tests and be deemed ‘okay’ to be consumed by humans. Because who are we kidding, it’s definitely not healthy.

P.S. my favourite Maggi recipe was making it with kheema. Now that the beef is banned I was making do with only Maggi, guess even that might not be allowed any more.

P.P.S. Do share your views and memories attached with Maggi in the comments below.