As you will enter the place, it won’t appear happening or appealing. It just looks like a normal restaurant with a dull ambience. Nothing against the décor but that’s what I felt when entering the place. Weirdly, the place has a door that opens to another door which leads you in the restaurant. Yeah, very weird. I visited the place on Monday surprisingly for the first time.

soul fry revise

After settling for a pitcher of sangria which is priced moderately (cost INR 1200) and uses port wine I felt relaxed and happy on a Monday. One of my friend ordered for a beer. Advised not to eat too many peanuts that came with the drinks we agreed to order for food. For starters, we ordered Chapta Fried Chicken (Boneless Crumb fried chicken) priced at INR 280 is a tasty affair. Recommended for every visit. They also have other good sea food options which I was tempted for but there is only so much space in the stomach.

In main course, after much discussion we settled for Crab Curry Rice (its price vary each day) with steamed rice. I was glad that I finally found one good place in Mumbai for authentic sea food. If not really authentic, it’s definitely tasty. Cooked very nicely, one can taste the different flavours in it. The quantity of the portion was good to be adequate for the 3 of us. In fact, there was some leftover too. We happily paid the bill which amounted to around 3k.

chapta revise

As a surprise package, we realize that Monday is also Karaoke night. After listening to many people sing their way along with the tune or off tune, I finally found enough courage to sing myself. I think the Sangria helped too. An interesting experience which deserves a blog post on its own. Stay tuned for that.

To sum up the review for Soul Fry I will say this, I’m definitely going there again. And if you also thinking of doing the same then I suggest try and go tonight (Thursday). It’s the Bollywood Karaoke Tadka at Soul Fry, 8.00 pm onwards. Please note they have happy hours from 7 pm to 8 pm. For any special offers or events do check their listings as that gets updated quite regularly.

Food: 4/5  |  Ambience: 2.5/ 5  |  Service: 3.5/ 5  |  Value for money: 3.5/ 5

Overall: 3.5/ 5