Devil is the ultimate evil. The gatekeeper of hell, decider of the fate of all the demons. The one who controls and feeds so much evilness that God had feared him and sent him to the underworld. Damned with the damned ones. So what happens when the Devil himself decides to go on a holiday?!


An amazing concept to begin with, the new Fox series, Lucifer is going to show us just that! Tom Ellis is all set to portray the title character of Lucifer in the TV series. The trailer of the series launched yesterday looks damn promising, I must say. Especially the portrayal of Devil looks great on Ellis with his sensuous British accent, athletic body and that crooked smile which seems to be making a mockery of anyone he comes across. Such devilishness.

The trailer is filled with the best of the best witty dialogues and one-liners, as anyone would come to expect out of a trailer coming out from Fox. The storyline based on the trailer seems pretty straight forward with just enough suspense as to who and what the anti-protagonist will be with Devil taking up the role of the hero!


Based on the Vertigo comic of the same name, the show is produced by Warner Bros TV, DC Comics and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions. The basic plot of the show follows Lucifer Morningstar after he’s become bored of Hell and comes down to the city of Los Angeles to manage a nightclub, Lux. Maybe the devil is bored of being evil as well and decides to bid adieu to his devilishness and is seen palling with humans only to end up witnessing the gruesome murder of one of his new friends. The devil also ends up helping a good-looking homicide detective to solve the case and find the murderer.

Lucifer is bound to draw some comparison to another Vertigo supernatural series, Constantine, which also starred another British protagonist but has been dropped by NBC after one season. Like most series based on the comics, Lucifer is too going to divert from the comics which is bound to see some rage by hard core fans but other than that the trailer seems good. If not effective, at least it has the potential to become a guilty pleasure for the audience.