Meeting friends after a long time is a blessing especially when the ones you’re meeting are all set to shift to another country in a few months. Yes, two of my friends are set to tie the knot end of this year and they are both preparing in their own ways to shift base to USA.

As with most girls, the minute we saw each other we dived into the conversationalist mode wholeheartedly. During the conversation, I could see the excitement on their faces that they’re marrying the person they love and I felt really happy for them. But as the conversation progressed and the discussion became intense, both told me that how things are changing with them. How they are expected to uproot their lives from their home and take all that they can (keeping with the freight allowance) with them!
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One of them is not even allowed to buy the screen guard for her phone because her father has told her what’s the need for it considering that she’s moving to USA soon and will buy another phone there. It’s as if their entire life currently revolves around preparing for this major shift in life. And it might be a good news but that doesn’t stop us girls from wishing yet again that why should girls do all the compromise.
Both the guys are Indian, why can’t they come back here and settled down. One of my friend has already left her job and has taken a consultant role just to give more time for her GRE exam preparations. The other friend has responsibilities and is trying to figure out how she can keep her own family and her would-be family happy with decisions that are bound to disappoint one of them.
Hats off to my friends to be able to take all these myriad changes in their stride and continuing with it. It’s not just about going with the flow but more like creating a flow that is desired by most. I, on my part, just have to make sure that I attend their weddings and let them know how happy I really am for them!