Life’s waiting and wondering,
Where’re you going?
The path it made, left untrodden
You decided to have it rewritten.

New lanes beckon you,
Entices you, intrigues you,
Choices are abundant,
Obscurity redundant.

Greed spews its venom,
Embroiled we become.
Seeking a ray of enlightenment,
Vanquishes the entrapment.

Choice made, we wait,
Tossing and turning to anticipate.
Time is friend and foe,
Teases but never satiate.

We get some but not all,
Time makes things rise and fall.
Controls’ lost,
You can pray at most.

Choice you make,
Let time decide your fate,
Doesn’t matter where you at
It’s always the beginning that you get.


-Farhatnaz Ansari