The biggest risk of trying out a new place is that the foodie in you might get sorely disappointed. But the possibility of that was still not enough to discourage us from going to Fat man’s cafe. When I stepped up to the restaurant a guy approached me asking how many people I would like to find a table for. Later I realised that he must be the owner of the place and was humble and polite. But the good points ends there.

starterThe ambience is good. Its a quaint little place with colorful decor and peppy music. The tables are small and cosy. But the food unfortunately is a disappointment. I have gone there last night with a friend. While my friend ordered for nutella coffee shake which was really yummy, I had called for hot chocolate. And if I’m correct how can any place get something as common as hot chocolate wrong. But this one aced it. It tasted like they have mixed some choco powder to milk and served without even stirring.

In starters we ordered the Mezze platter with hummus, baba ganoush, tabule and muhambra which was thankfully good. But not all the sauces and dips were nice; we stuck to the ones that tasted better – hummus (obviously)  and baba ganoush.

grilled chicken

We then jumped to main course while keeping our fingers crossed. The first dish that we ordered- grilled chicken in mushroom pepper with mash potatoes and veggies- was not good. It tasted off and I felt like the chicken was stale or something. I have ordered for Grilled Basa in lemon caper sauce with grilled vegetables which was good. Not as good as you find in smoke house deli but good enough to eat and not complaint. I didn’t like the veggies on the side and left all of it. But that might have more to do with my aversion towards veg food than anything else. After all this, we definitely skipped dessert and called for the cheque.

The entire meal for the two of us costed about 2k and I sincerely think that it wasn’t worth it! Don’t intend to go back and wouldn’t recommend to anyone who values food for taste and only taste.

Food: 2/5  |  Ambience: 3/5  |  Service: 3/5  |  Value for money: 1/5
Overall rating: 2/5