“Mere bare mein itna mat sochna… dil mein aata hoon… samajh mein nahi”.

The Dabangg star must have never realised that apart from being in hearts and minds of million people he would also be in the courtroom today to keep his long due appointment with the law. After 13 years of wait and anticipation, the justice has been finally served. Though many think that it’s of no use as the convicted criminal is still home free, I beg to differ. Considering India and our judicial system, we all know that the courts take immense time to deliver verdict. And this is nothing new or special service that has been done for Salman Khan’s case. We have all read about cases where the victim has died years ago before the case got a hearing before the judge.


Accusing the media/ law that they are helping Salman because of his stardom is not completely true. Salman is getting more attention and of course the TV networks, print, critics and social media influencers are going berserk talking about the case and how Being Human founder has not being a human 13 years ago and now he deserves what he is getting. But all this is definitely not an advantage. If anything this is building more pressure on the government to be strict in the verdict in order to set an example in front of the masses. So how come Salman is benefited?

Of course he is born in a wealthy family and his own personal income might just buy him a small country if he would like. Not to mention, the amazing star power that he possesses, can guarantee any of his movies a blockbuster hit. With all this and more he stood in front of the judge in the court and pleaded for leniency. He is human. He made a mistake and he had to pay for it but doesn’t the change that it brought in him counts for anything? I understand the need for justice but when we are asking for it shouldn’t we be more human when there is another human’s life at stake. Oh yeah, now you will want to ask me what about the life of the pavement dweller who lost his life because of Salman. You’re right. Salman made a mistake and he deserves a punishment. But all I’m saying is don’t make him the object of your hate just because his case is the trending topic.


Instead of bashing the star and his stardom why can’t we use our time to actually fight for someone who doesn’t have money to protect himself from the injustices? There are various NGOs and groups who would be glad to use some extra support or resources. Salman and his court case got too much attention as it is, why don’t we shine the light on someone else’s plight?

Salman goes to jail or doesn’t. How long he stays inside it or what will he eat in the jail are such inane things that discussing those should be considered an act of stupidity. But well, I can’t change the majority of population. So I’m just gonna urge you all that instead of tweeting about #SalmanVerdict or arguing about his sentence term why don’t we use those tweets and our time to tweet about the gaping need of having toilets in the rural india, about the status of personal hygiene in our country, about education, poverty, TRAI and it’s stupid policies, government issuing ban on videos, food or just about anything!

Don’t you think that these issues deserve more attention than a star who is spoilt and has made mistakes?