Disappointment is a bitter medicine that is too difficult to swallow. But sometimes it is so essential for us to move on that we need to gulp it and push it down our throat. Of course, it leaves a sour taste in the mouth and sometimes the bitter taste lasts much longer than we expect. But that’s just the path that we need to tread on in order to reach the next milestone in life. The losses that we incur on the way are just the compensation that we need to pay for our naiveté, ignorance and innocence. We make new friends and lose some old ones. Though the new and old tags have nothing to do with the equation we share with them or how long they be present in our lives. It’s just that old friendships sometimes dies easily if ignored for long. The bond which are not nurtured and maintained fizzles out. Like the bottle of cold-drink lying somewhere in the corner forgotten. With time passing it doesn’t have the same taste or effect on the person consuming it. Wasted. 101702-champage-wedding-toast-background

Today I realized I have quite a few cold-drink bottles lying around me. After waiting a long time, too long in some cases, I have finally decided to throw them out. Clear the space a little. But in picking those bottles I realized I have some wine bottles lying around as well. And such a relief it is to find out that those wines have become better and tastier with time. Only increased in its richness and the value it brings to my life. Thank God.

So now I’m happily emptying my life off of those wasted cold-drink bottles and creating a new shelf for the wine bottles. A new shelf that is more prominently situated in my life. The one that I pass through every once in a while. It’s essential to appreciate and value the goodness they bring along with the variety in life. Wines don’t mind if you bring them into your life and keep them aside. They consider it as their time to breathe. As they know, that in this way they will be appreciated more. They know there are needed and are usually approached when there is a celebration or some deep emotion. So well. I think it’s time for some tasting and toasting. Sláinte.