Ever wondered what it’s like to just pack your bags and leave your home and comfort to travel to a city you have never been before, don’t know/ have anyone there? You are all alone… it’s not a trip where one go and click pics in front of famous and historical spots of a city. It’s more to do with exploring the city, living in a place as if you belong there or take a piece of it with you wherever next you go. A travel that doesn’t make you a tourist but a local.

If you have never wotravelndered that then don’t read ahead… If you have and acted on it too… you know exactly what I’m trying to say through this article. If you have wondered and is still wondering then you must read to know more and act now!

Act now because waiting for a perfect time is useless as that perfect time doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion. You will always have bills to be paid, family responsibilities, that stupid wedding that you need to attend, or the family function that you can’t miss. And please don’t tell me or yourself that you don’t have enough money to travel so you want to save some and then travel. It will take an entire lifetime to save money and still you will think that it isn’t enough. So get rid of all this reasons. All this excuses. And leave now.

travel1Because there is no perfect time to travel. If it is, then it’s now! Travelling changes you in so many ways. And they all are good. As Saint Augustine has smartly put it, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. So it’s time to turn the page… Even if you complete the book you can come back to the same page again and again. Only you will notice things that you have missed before.

Not leaving is not similar to coming back. Because when you will come back after reading few/ some/ many pages you would have evolved. You will know things that you never knew of. You will cherish what you have more because you have encountered people who have very less and is still smiling. You will eat the same food but you will relish it more because while travelling you have experienced many different cuisines and still like the homemade food the most. Life will not change, it will flourish. You will not change, you will evolve.

travel2Travelling alone or in group makes you–

  • Independent
  • Responsible
  • Sensitive
  • Awakens you to your surroundings
  • You get exposed to different cultures
  • You meet new and varied people
  • New friends come in your life
  • You relish different varieties of food
  • You realize and stretch your limits
  • You find you!

So what’re you waiting for?

Go pack your bags and leave. And while you do that remember the wise words of Buddha, “It is better to travel well than to arrive”.

On that note, I’m hoping to leave for another city soon… Because one should always practice what one preach! 🙂 So Hasta La Vista!