Does the title sound cheesy? Sleazy? Weird? Well, that’s what it’s gonna be 😛 Deal with it.

Actually this is the most apt title that I can think of. Otherwise you tell me how will you describe the brother of the bride getting hooked up with the bridesmaid at his sister’s wedding? Yes, this is what has happened with one of my very good friend, Simran (name changed to feed my love for movies).

Now like every other romantic story this one also started with them being ‘friends’. But I don’t want to bore you with the basics. So here goes the finale for this one… During the wedding when Simran and Raj (yeah, Raj, told you about my love for movies, didn’t I?) were trying their best not to let their friends know about their involvement it was me who very slyly unearthed this truth. Well, I just read Simran’s whatsapp messages. 🙂

But someone has rightly said, “Ishq aur musk chupaye na chupe”. So it was during the wedding when Simran was doing her duty of having the first dance with the Best man and Raj was entertaining family and friends we all noticed that they both kept seeking each other with their eyes. And as soon as the song ended they started moving with the only objective of finding the other one. Blissfully unaware that 4 of us are just observing these two across the lawn. The moment their eyes met I can swear their smile lit up the entire garden area where the dance was happening.

b1But every story comes with a twist. For this one there are plenty! First, the best man was furious about being left alone. His friend, who also happens to be the sister of the groom was also scorned (somehow). And some other people thought that the Raj is involved with some other girl who happens to be me. Oh yeah, I was the one who has shared a dance or 2 with him 😉 But then all’s well that ends well.

So here are the 2 people deeply in love with each other. And it has been around 6 months now, there love has only blossomed but yeah the families have also gotten involved (somehow). Please don’t ask me the details it’s still in the initial stages.

Maybe, I will right another article on the phase 2 of the life of Raj and Simran. As I always thought there should have been sequel to DDLJ! Have you wondered too why not movies show what happens after the lovers get married or elope or whatever?