Ok, I think I should start by saying that I’m a true Bombay girl. By this I mean I have spent all my life in Mumbai, of course, except the occasional trips that I had. So when I was asked to visit a set in Naigaon (for work purposes – I wouldn’t have done so otherwise) I was like, Hmm Okay.

And here the other side of Mumbai starts!


Stepping out of the Naigaon Station was like stepping into a KJo movie, where the actor/actress is stepping into a completely different country- like it happened to SRK in DDLJ when he first came to India for Simran. The place outside the station is completely devoid of buildings or other concrete things that you are so use to see in the city of Bombay.

To top this surprise, I came across a small bridge that runs over a small river stream? Not sure what. But the point is the bridge is called ‘Dhokadayak Pool’ which means ‘Unreliable Bridge’. While crossing the bridge I realized that Naigaon people are the honest bunch.

pool name

Also, getting a rick there wasn’t a problem as everyone there wants to make money and charges you a bomb just to get you to the other side of the highway. But well, can we car-less people do anything about it?? So why waste a breadth, in my case words. Moving on…

Travelling in the deserted roads which looks like roads running between fields is fun! The ride seems faster than it is and the views outside are so different than the ones you find in the city. But this is short lived as the Highway looms not very far. But even in this short distance I managed to notice a police jeep which went missing after the Amar, Akbar & Anthony Days. The jeep was in a bad condition but even its presence there on the side of the road made me feel like I have travelled back in the past!


While coming back from the studio I had to walk considerable distance just to see any rick! On this small lane that felt as if it ran around the hill (I’m grateful for the downward slope as I was walking with a laptop on my shoulder and a camera and of course a bag… I’m a girl no :P) I noticed a small group of women washing their clothes in the running stream of river (at this point I’m sure it’s some sort of a river)


This scene has to remind anyone of all the scenes that has happened in Big B’s movies where the female leads meet him at ‘nadiya kinare’ while washing clothes. Was Rekha the first one that comes to your mind?? But my first thought was of Sunil Dutt meeting Nutan in Milan 😉 Does the song, ‘Saawan ka mahina pawan kare shor…’ rings any bell?


Overall, my trip to Naigaon was tiring, exhausting but eventful! Just counting the scenes that played in my mind while coming across this place in the busiest city of India which is still untouched by population explosion (it will happen give it time) it was worth it. But yeah, it does retain all the vices of a city all you have to do is reach the highway!

And yeah, I was so tired that I got in the general compartment on my way home… 😀